Even As A Cutter, DQ is Alright By Me (Day 183)

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I can’t help myself.

I’ve always loved Dennis Quaid. Don’t want him in my real life, but as a movie star, I adore him.

Now, I’m watching “Breaking Away” for the first time since I saw it in the theaters in 1979.

And Dennis Quaid is a big surprise. I forgot he was in the movie. It was probably the first time I saw him in a film.

He’s 25 but playing a guy in his late teens in the movie. Wearing a white muscle shirt and blue jeans, he looks good. He looks even better a few scenes later when he and friends are lying on the rocks at the quarry. He’s taken off his shirt there.

It’s odd to watch a movie you haven’t seen in 35 years. Everything is so much slower. The story is still good but it takes much longer to get to the meat. I like the slow movement, but I’m not used to it.

And then there’s Dennis Quaid. I still find him sexy as a 60 year old. But me oh my, I’m not sure it’s legal for me to look at him as a 25 year old. At least not this way.


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