The Grass Is Always Greener (Day 180)

It used to be when Gryphon (Tuck the dog’s cousin) came to stay at our house for a few days, I would play referee at meal time. I would stand between the two sets of food/water bowls while they ate. Tuck constantly would try to eat from Gryphon’s bowl and Gryphon from Tuck’s.

Gryphon eats a different brand of dog food from the one we serve Tuck. In the past, Tuck has had intestinal issues when we tried different brands of food, so I felt compelled to keep each dog to his own bowl.

Getting through mealtime was quite an ordeal as neither dog seemed to care one bit that I wanted him to eat his own food. It was a constant battle, which I often lost partway through my refereeing.

I’d complain to whoever would listen, ask advice from unwitting strangers, and try to do better at my referee job.

Then, one day, I decided to let them do what they pleased regarding the food. I figured they’d grow bored of the other’s food and without my fighting them, they would go back to eating their own food.

They’ve never gone back to eating their own food. At least when they are together.

They’re just like people. We’re usually okay with our own lot until we discover what others have been handed on a silver platter.

Or metal bowl, as the case may be.


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