The Reality Show I Couldn’t Stop Watching (Day 179)

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I rarely watch live TV anymore.

When my brother’s show (“House of Lies” on Showtime) is on, I watch it, but otherwise I do not have any shows I watch regularly.

On the other hand, I am a crazy, binge-watching Netflix/Amazon Prime series watcher. Recently finished “In Treatment” with Gabriel Byrne. Even if the show hadn’t been good, I would’ve kept watching. Have you ever seen Gabriel Byrne? Can you say smoldering eyes? The accent doesn’t hurt either.

Tonight, after returning from an event, my husband turned on the TV and settled on a car auction show, which he finds interesting. When I suggested we find something we’d both like, he started scanning through the menu.

There is nothing to watch. We have close to a bazillion channels and still. Nothing.

So we go for the catchy title. We decide to give “Naked Dating” a try. I am not kidding; there is a television show called “Naked Dating.” Naked Dating. Who wants to be a reality star so badly that they agree to date naked for TV?

We only lasted a few minutes. The husband said that if they’re going to advertise as naked than they shouldn’t blur the daters’ private parts. What’s the point?

I’d given up finding something when my husband put on a show that we both knew I would find boring.

We were both wrong.

It appears that I am now a fan of the nail-biting, manipulative, bizarre plans and undertakings of the repo men and the debtors they’re after on the show “Airplane Repo.” I couldn’t stop watching. Will they get the plane before the debtor tries to stop them? If the debtor catches them, will he threaten them? Pull a gun on them? Will the repo guys find another way to trick the debtor and get to the plane in time? I shouldn’t admit this, but I was rooting for the repo guys and feeling anxious when the “make-the-watcher-get-anxious music” played in the background.

I started peppering my husband with questions after the show. Who hires the repo man? (Usually, the bank.) Why do people buy things they will never afford? (No clue.) How do people decide they want to be repo men instead of insurance agents or plumbers or engineers? (eye roll.)

I think the show was on the Discovery channel. I don’t know if I’ll watch again because I rarely turn on the TV anymore.

But if somebody else is watching “Airplane Repo,” I doubt I’ll be mentally strong enough to pull myself away.



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