Oh What A Day (Day 177)

A lot happened today, some shareable, some not. Some happy, some not. But now the day is done.

The stories I can tell:

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I woke up to discover that my high school classmate (actually a year older than me), who became Batman in his forties (see article here and here), was on his way home from a charity event when the Batmobile’s engine had some trouble. He was stopped in the left lane of a not well lit highway and got out to check under the hood. An unsuspecting driver did not see the car or him, and crashed into the car, which crashed into him and ended his life. I was never a close friend to Lenny B. Robinson but we were friendly and I’ve followed his rise over the past few years to superhero status among the young and ill. He was a good man who left us all too soon.


This evening was the all-club ice bucket challenge at the Eastern Yacht club in my town, in honor of Pete Frates, a club member with ALS and one of the original initiators of last year’s ice bucket challenge. A large number of members bought buckets and many of them stood around the pool and poured the cold water over their heads. All proceeds went towards ALS research and programs. I had planned to participate but due to other circumstances, I was only able to stop by for a minute to watch part of the event and to donate to the cause.


Right next door to the ALS event, we watched as my daughter and her friends gathered for what will be, for many of them, their last Commodore’s Ball as members of Pleon, the all-kids yacht club, where my daughter has learned and sailed and raced and instructed for the last eight years. It is a bittersweet moment as this place has been a summer home for her and the people have become part of her extended family. Some of her teammates will go off to college in a few weeks and most of them will age out of many of the regattas, as they turn 18. The photo is my daughter with one of her oldest friends in front of the Pleon clubhouse.

Finally, my husband and I took my older daughter out to a farewell dinner as she returns to college tomorrow. Another bittersweet moment. No picture taken.


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