The Last Supper (Day 175)

Summer is winding down in our household.

Daughter #2 is finishing up her final regatta of the season in North Carolina on Sunday, and then she has a few more days of teaching and practicing before another summer sailing season comes to an end for her.

Daughter #1 and I are running around picking up last minute things so she can pack up her life and return to college on Tuesday. We realized today that tonight would be our last chance to cook and eat dinner together, just the two of us.

As soon as we realized, I cancelled my evening plans and she started searching her food blogs for a recipe that would serve as the perfect last mother-daughter cook-a-thon supper for awhile.

She pulled up a recipe on the blog, Half-Baked Harvest, called “BLT And Grilled Peach Pizza” (link to recipe here), to which I immediately gave my stamp of approval. We both agreed that it sounded flavorful, looked delicious, and was relatively light and summery.

(a side note: for her birthday in July, daughter #1 asked if I’d make a different recipe from Half-Baked Harvest for a family dinner. I made the “Crockpot Grilled Fiery Habanero Apricot BBQ Ribs”(link to recipe here) and they were amazing. One of the best things I’ve ever cooked and I had leftover BBQ sauce, which I gave to my in-laws and my sister-in-law and saved a little for myself to use for the next couple of weeks, as needed.)

After running errands related to her return to school, we grocery shopped, picked a few things from our garden (tomatoes and basil), and got to work making our meal.

It began with the yeast and water not getting foamy, which probably meant dense dough so we tried again, unfortunately to the same result. We decided to just go with it and hope for the best. While D1 made the basil pesto, I grilled the peaches (from today’s local farmer’s market.) Then she cut the cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese while I got the dough ready for rising. She made the jalapeño honey while I cooked and crumbled the bacon. She rolled out the dough, painted on a layer of basil pesto and then, together, we decorated the top with two cheeses, bacon, and grilled peaches.

After fifteen minutes in the oven, we finished the pizza off with cherry tomatoes, baby kale and the jalapeño honey. It was, if I don’t say so myself, a work of art.

A work of art which we immediately cut into and ate.

I love pretty food that also tastes good. But mostly, I love the time I get to spend with my daughter preparing, cooking and eating a meal of our own making.


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2 thoughts on “The Last Supper (Day 175)

  1. This one warmed my heart Sara. Enjoyed seeing Meg with Katherine this summer. For me, cooking with the girls has always been one of my joys. The food prep is always tied to music. The smell of garlic simmering in olive oil to the sounds of Baby Love by Diana Ross and the Supremes and Katherine and Annie chopping in rhythm is the quintessence of home and family to me.

    1. A completely sensory experience shared with the ones you love most. It is one of my greatest joys to spend time cooking with my kids. And eating. I will be sad to see Meg go and also to lose the comings and goings of Katherine and gang. I’m so pleased that they all spent significant time together this summer.

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