Americans in Paris and NYC and Charm City (Day 168)

(photo: Two out of the three Americans eating at a Greek cafe in NYC before going to see “An American In Paris”.)

It’s kind of ridiculous.

My daughter and I flew from Boston to Baltimore on Friday afternoon to meet up with my mother so the three of us could go to New York on Saturday to see the play, “An American In Paris.” We took a bus trip to NYC and back on Saturday (today) and plan to fly back to Boston midday tomorrow.

It’s kind of ridiculous because New York is located between Boston and Baltimore. It would have made more sense for my daughter and I to meet Mom in the city for the show and then go our separate ways.

But we complicated things with airfares and extra mileage and wasted time.

The reason is that my mom got the tickets for the show through a travel company that puts on a “roadshow” en route from Baltimore to NYC and back again. They serve breakfast on the way there and provide snacks for the show and serve dinner on the way home. There is a movie for the ride back as well as theatre “talk” throughout the bus trip.

The show was a gift from my mom, and she wanted us to join her for more than the six or seven hours we had in the city. And she thought we’d enjoy the  entertainment of the traveling roadshow.

Even though it’s ridiculous that we went to New York via Baltimore and then back to Boston from New York also via Baltimore, we did it and we’re none the worse for it. The travel bus was fine and the extra couple of hours of air travel were not a strain upon either myself or my daughter.

And we got to spend a little time with my mother. And see “An American In Paris” on Broadway.

It is everything you’ve heard it to be. A cross between a musical and a ballet. Well-acted. Entertaining. And the dancing was extraordinary.

How do these dancers make it seem like their bodies are weightless as they leap and land, lift and drop over and over again?

It seems to defy physics. Yet. They do it with style and grace.

These particular dancers were masterful in their executions. If for no other reason than to watch in awe, I recommend that you take the opportunity, if it arises, to see this brilliant performance.

And, if you don’t have a mother in Baltimore, you probably should travel direct.


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