The Search For Best Movies To Stream (Day 159)

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If there were an award for the person who has watched the most mediocre movies of all time, I would probably win. Or at least receive an honorable mention.

This is the problem: once I’ve made my way through the award-winning movies, and the movies that people with similar taste to mine recommend, I don’t know where to go for guidance.

I end up Googling “best movies of 2015” or “best movies streaming on Netflix” and reading the lists that pop up on the screen. Usually, I’ve seen some of the selections and would never have put them on a best of list. This makes me suspicious of the other choices. Despite my suspicions, I get impatient since I want to watch a movie now, and I end up watching the most appealing-sounding of the selections, which often ends up not being worth the time spent.

A couple of years ago, I took a screenwriting course and began creating an ongoing list of movies recommended by my instructor and the other students. During the class, I watched several good movies. My intention was to use my growing list to guide me toward other good movies, once the class was over.

That would have been a great idea except I cannot remember where I put the list. I’ve looked through my class notes and can’t find the list. I checked the notes on my phone, my Evernote notes, my files both  on and off line.

At some point, it seemed ridiculous to keep looking. I might as well build a new list.

But, I’ve discovered, this is an area where I need help.

Will you help me?

I’m pretty open regarding movie genre as long as the storyline holds together, the language is not stilted, and the actors are believable.

Could you suggest some of your favorite movies (or direct me to some solid lists) and also let me know how you go about deciding what to watch next?

I’d forever be in your debt.


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6 thoughts on “The Search For Best Movies To Stream (Day 159)

  1. I recently saw “Breaking and Entering”, a film I somehow missed in the early 2100s. Good cast, good plot line, it seemed to be honest to me. No one would ever put it on a Best Movie list….I often find very good movies elsewhere. Let me know what you think.

  2. Wim Wenders; Kieślowski (Red, White, Blue); The Milagro Beanfield Wars; Sheridan’s The Field…I’ll stop there. Lots of other suggestions too. Mostly oldish unfortunately. I’ve lost my list of recents. Loved the first Best Marigold Hotel (ouch, that’s old too, now). Definitely Pixar’s Up and the new Inside Out (more for the psychology than the cinematography or narrative).

So what do you think?