Nothing Beats A Full House (Day 157)

I started writing a post this afternoon when my telephone rang. It was my friend Cheryl,

“Do you still have an overgrowth of mint at your house?” she asked.

“I do. Come on over.”

She and her daughter came by and we clipped some mint. I talked about how I can’t seem to use all of the herbs I’m growing. I pointed out the basil (which I do use a lot of), the oregano, the parsley, the dill.

“I might be making something with dill this week,” Cheryl said.

She wouldn’t take any dill with her then but promised to call and come back if she needed some. After a little more chatting, she and her daughter  left.

I continued writing the blog post. It was a good one. About how to make your mark on the world. I’d been reading about creativity (again) and an idea started forming, so the writing commenced.

Until my phone rang again.

FYI: my phone does not ring a lot. When it does, it’s usually my husband or kids. Occasionally my mother. OH, and there are many unsolicited calls that I ignore. My receiving two phone calls from people I know and like within an hour is something to write home about. Or to write about in my blog.

Second call was from my friend Laurie.

“Did I read in one of your blogs that you have a vegetable spiralizer?” she asked.

“I do. Want to borrow it?”

“I thought about buying one but this is the first time spiralizing, so I thought I’d see if I liked it first.”

Ten minutes later, she came over. We talked about the weather. We talked about food and kids. I handed over the spiralizer and gave her an extremely basic lesson: cut vegetable, put here, turn the crank. A few minutes later, she left.

Last night, my daughter had a few of her friends over. Even though, for a few hours, I was displaced to make room for the five of them, I was glad to do it.

The sounds of people talking and laughing fills my house up with a liveliness that makes me happy. Why have all this space if not to fill it with people. And life.

I want my kids’ friends to see our house as a place for them to congregate. I like when just one or two comes over, but I also like to see them in groups of four or five.

I feel the same way about my friends. Any reason. Any time. Come on over and fill my house with the sounds of life.

Just remember to call first. I’d hate for you to walk in to find me napping or post-workout/pre-shower.

Tomorrow, we can talk about making our mark in the world. Today was all about how glad I am that there are people who regularly make their mark in my daily life.



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