All In The Family (Day 148)

(photo credit: I saved this family! I visited them again today, they are doing week by Duck Lover on

Whenever I can’t think of what to say in my blog post, I ask a family member if they’ll write it for me.

They always say no. Or laugh. Or walk out of the room.

Occasionally, they suggest something really inappropriate.

It’s good that I have so much support from those I love. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “All In The Family (Day 148)

  1. I wish you had written more about this topic. The smiley face wasn’t sufficient.
    This same thing frequently happens to me too. Why is it that our friends and family say “no” or make suggestions that they know are unreasonable when we sincerely ask them for assistance on something that is important to us? Why are they unwilling to get engaged in our hobbies and passions?

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