That Time We Stumbled Upon The BEST Restaurant Ever (Day 147)

My older daughter is a foodie, so when choosing a restaurant to celebrate her 19th birthday, I was under some self-inflicted pressure. Thankfully, foodie daughter gave me a little bit of help. Last week, she sent me a top ten up and coming new Boston restaurants list that she found.

That list led to a couple more lists and several restaurant websites and online menus and Open Table.

And then I made a reservation at this seemingly interesting pop-up restaurant. 7:15 p.m. on a Saturday night. The fact that I was able to get the time I wanted made me start to question whether the reviews and the menu and the pictures were telling the full story. Great new restaurants rarely have anything but 5:30 and 8:30 slots available on the upcoming Saturday night.

I read a little bit more about the place. That’s when I saw the fine print. They do not serve food to anybody under 21 and they check I.D.s. My daughters are 17 and 19. I wasn’t taking any chances. I cancelled those reservations.

Finally, after hemming and hawing over which of the other potential spots we should pick, I chose a restaurant called Josephine because the menu looked good and the few reviews I could find were outstanding and in the About Us section of their website, it said, “Josephine, Restaurant Parisien is a casual-chic Parisian-style restaurant serving contemporary French cuisine, complimented by a mostly French wine selection.”

Both of my kids are Francophiles and my husband and I both love Paris, especially the food and the wine. It was Kismet. I made the reservation and pretended not to notice that I was also able to get a  7:00 pm reservation on the coming Saturday night. I told myself that sometimes newer restaurants take a while to pick up.

I told my daughter something similar, when she looked around and saw that the restaurant was only half full. We’d just finished devouring the amazing chef’s surprise appetizer, which was brought out to us free of charge.


The photo doesn’t do it justice but all four of us couldn’t stop gushing about the meatball and the eggplant dip and the creamy beet puree. My husband said something like “this may be the best thing I’ve eaten all year.”

The rest of the meal did not disappoint. We ordered two appetizers: the charcuterie and a goat cheese/vegetable plate. I wish I could think of something to complain about but every bite was perfect. For dinner I had the duck leg and parsnip puree, which sealed the deal for me. Still, we did test out a couple of desserts (a hazelnut mousse and a strawberry earl grey tart), just to make sure we wouldn’t be lying when we told others that the food was flawless.


Part way through our meal, the owner came over, as owners often do in small restaurants, especially when the restaurants are relatively new. He was charming, as were the other staff we’d dealt with, and when I asked, he told us that the restaurant had only been open for four weeks.

My mission, now, is to get the word out. Everything about Josephine, in Kenmore Square in Boston, is excellent. The prices reflect the quality, so it isn’t one of those places that most of us can go to every week, but if you have a special occasion coming up, I recommend you reserve a table.

And if you are a lover of fine red wines, order the Chateau Sigonac – Medoc Cabernet-Merlot-Petit Verdot-Bordeaux 2010. If I could marry a wine, this would be my one and only.




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