What New England Boaters Do On A Cool Summer Evening (Day 145)

(photo credit: Coastal Fog by Jonathan Sureau on flickr.com. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode.)

I bumped into two friends this evening as they were heading out on one of their friends’ boat.

Today, on the coast, it was cool for mid-summer in New England. High sixties, low seventies with a fair bit of wind. My younger daughter, who spent the day sailing said that she was freezing in the morning and still cold later in the day.

While chatting with the two friends, one of them showed me that she’d put her down jacket in her bag, just in case she got too cold out on the water. The other friend said she wished she’d thought to bring one.

Friend #1 giggled, almost embarrassed, and admitted to us that she’d taken other precautions as well. When we looked at her, she pulled up the leg of her pants and showed us that she was wearing long johns underneath her clothes.

While we teased her a bit about the long johns, we knew that she’d probably made the right decision. It ‘s always far colder on the water than on land and on land, today, it was pretty darn cold.

I don’t know whether she ended up being glad that she’d taken the extra precaution, but I was so entertained by her decision that as she was leaving, I asked if she’d be okay with my telling her story on my blog.

I’m glad she said yes. I arrived home around 11 pm, tired and ready for bed. If she hadn’t given me the go-ahead, I’d probably have spent the next hour or so digging deep for something of interest to say.


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