When Black Means White and Up Means Down (Day 144)

(photo credit: Conflict (Chess II) by Cristian V. on flickr.com. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode.)

A difficult day for me to write.

Nothing in particular blocking my way but there is nothing I want to say out loud. And writing a blog is like speaking out loud.

I did look into another post like the one I wrote on day 42 (read here.)

I Googled 143 and learned that many people consider that number to mean “I Love You.” The reasoning: I is 1 letter, Love is 4 letters and You is 3 letters. To me, that’s stretching things a bit too much. 143 could just as easily mean “I hate you” according to this explanation.

This is the thought that rises to the surface for me: everywhere we go, everything we hear or see or feel, everything that passes through our lives, we assign meaning to, according to our beliefs and desires and vision of the world.

Assigning meaning is a wonderful thing as it grounds us to our lives; it is  also dangerous, as it opens the door to conflict since something that means I love you to one person could mean I hate you to another.


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