Introvert, Extrovert (Day 140)

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My husband and I spent a great day with another couple on their boat.

We came home and separately worked on household projects for awhile before discussing what we were going to do tonight.

He says why don’t we find another couple and have a low-key dinner, maybe outside on the deck?

I say . . .  nothing.

You don’t want to do that? he asks.

I kind of don’t want to be with other people. I say.

He gets it but he doesn’t get it.

He’s an extrovert. To the extreme. He gets energy from being with other people.

I love being with other people, but when my energy reserves are low, I’d much rather be alone or with one other person. That rejuvenates me. I’m an introvert. Not to the extreme, but enough so that I crave time alone pretty much every day.

He ran some errands, brought back some food, and we ate on the deck. We drank a good bottle of wine. And now we’re gearing up for a movie. Woman in Gold.

This will always be an issue between us. He could go out with other people every night of the week and not get overwhelmed. I can not.

Extrovert and introvert. Every day is about finding the right balance.


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4 thoughts on “Introvert, Extrovert (Day 140)

  1. Call us next time – we had the same conversation but I did end up calling on my inner reserves and ended up having a lovely evening at the porch.

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