Processing (Day 136)

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Some people process information quickly. I do not.

Whether I’m told something troubling or exciting, I can’t take it in immediately. I sit with the information before I know what to do with it. Processing, for me, begins with letting my mind feel it’s way through the muck. Eventually, I get out of the muck and can think, but there is always a confusing time before thoughts are possible.

Today was a day of processing for me. I got some news last night that requires time before I can know what it means and how to deal with it.

On processing days, I find it hard to do mental work or to deal with people. I need to be alone for big chunks of time and I need to be doing something routine like folding laundry or weeding the garden. I get frustrated with myself until I accept that I’m in processing mode.

This evening, I pulled out of the muck. I’m beginning to get some purchase on what I am dealing with. Hopefully, from there, I will be able to get back to the normalcy of my life.



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