Watercolors (Day 128)

I’d like to take credit for painting the picture above but alas, all I did was focus my iPhone upward and snap a photo of the sky.

Today, I complained (mostly silently) about the chill in the air. It’s the end of June and the temperature stayed in the low to mid sixties and the sun barely poked through the clouds all day.

Then around 8 pm, I went outside with the dog, and after chasing him around, I stopped and looked up and saw this. I could have wept it was so beautiful.

By chance, I stopped to look, but much of the time I take for granted the beauty that surrounds me because I am caught up in what isn’t going my way.

It is true that I love warm and sunny days, but there is something to be said for cool and cloudy ones as well.

Note to self: Remember to stop, look and listen, for even when nature doesn’t seem to be cooperating, it can surprise us with a spectacular show.


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2 thoughts on “Watercolors (Day 128)

  1. I’m a “cool and cloudy days” person myself. I grew up on a farm and picked cucumbers on many a hot summer day, so I have this negative association with Hot & Sunny!

    Love the cloud photo. I’m going to try that…

    1. I grew up spending the summer outdoors in extremely hot and humid weather and still LOVE hot and sunny (and humid.) But I do find there is a lot to appreciate on the cooler days, as well.

      The cloud photo is pretty easy to take. And IMHO, so pretty.

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