Spicing It Up (Day 124)

My herb garden is overflowing. Not the basil because we use a lot of basil but the mint and the parsley and the dill. Oh my!

I keep cutting back the mint because it is taking over and I feel guilty whenever I can’t find enough uses for it and end up letting it wilt. Then finally, it goes down the drain.

I hate waste. Especially when the whole reason I’m growing herbs is to use them.

So . . . today I cut back the dill and the parsley. And after deciding on a couple of dishes to make using some of what I cut, I decided to try and dry the rest, to store for later use.

I did the dill first. Followed directions off the internet. Didn’t take any photographs.

Then I had all this parsley.


I removed the stalks and laid the leaves out on parchment paper on two jelly roll pans.


The pans went into a 180 degree oven for two hours. Here are the dried leaves.


Then, once I crushed the dried leaves, before I put them in a lidded jar, I made them into a heart. Because that’s how I roll.


Now, I have dried parsley to use when the fresh stuff is no longer so readily available.

And the parsley heart is kind of pretty, isn’t it?


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