The Beauty of the Unplanned Drop-In (Day 123)

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My friend Laurie doesn’t know this but when she called me at 7:45 this morning and asked if she could come by to kill some time, I was still in bed.

I’d been up for a half an hour or so, but couldn’t get myself to move. I’d slept poorly and was feeling a little sorry for myself, for no obvious reason, and wished that I could fall back asleep for the rest of the day and wake up fresh tomorrow morning. In a better mood. A much better mood.

Then the phone rang. I may not have answered it except I could see from where I lay that it was Laurie and she’s my good friend, so I cleared my throat, tried out my voice and then answered the phone.

I knew that my house was a mess. I knew that I was a mess. I knew that I could have made some excuse to send her off to see somebody else.

But . . . once she started talking, I knew that her visit was exactly what I needed.

When I’m feeling low, I think that I want to be alone, but I’ve learned, over time, that in reality, the last thing I want is to be alone.

Saying yes was the best thing I could have done.

Had I been left to my own devices, I would’ve stayed in bed and sulked for awhile, eventually gotten up and gone about my day in a daze. I didn’t have any appointments or reasons to see other humans (except my kids and husband, briefly), and if Laurie hadn’t called, I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to connect with anybody. Probably all day.

Instead, because of my friend, my day began on an up note. I got to catch up with Laurie and then even got a few minutes with her daughter, whom I love but don’t see often because she goes to boarding school. By the time they left an hour later, I’d forgotten my sad sack morning and was ready to face the day.

So this is my thank you note to Laurie.

Maybe I shouldn’t have done it so publicly but caught up in my day, I forgot until the evening about writing my daily post. And I know that Laurie is one of my loyal readers. Hopefully, she’ll read this one today because I’ll certainly forget to call her tomorrow to thank her privately.





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