Put MORE Space Between Things (Day 118)

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I need a break from the list.

There. I said it.

The whole Zen thing inspires me, but getting deep into what each item on the Zen Things list means to me is starting to wig me out.

I can’t change everything all at once, even though all the stuff makes sense and each one builds on the others. Even though I’ve been moving toward a more Zen existence for awhile.

So today, I am refocusing. Taking a second look at #5: Put space between things.

I am putting space between working on understanding the Zen Things list better and my weekend. Perhaps on Monday or Tuesday, I will return to #6: Develop rituals, but for the next couple of days, I am not going to work so hard at getting things right.

This weekend is about a family wedding and fathers and celebrating my marriage of 24 years. It’s about reuniting with some of the people I only see in the summertime. It’s about good food, good company, and good karma.

The Zen Things list can wait.

I’m making me some space. Between things.


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