Riding Down the Highway (Day 107)

(photo credit: RoadTrip by abhisawa on flickr.com.  https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode.)

There was a “fancy” white SUV several car lengths ahead of me, late this morning as I was driving toward Boston on a 50 mph highway.

The SUV wasn’t moving at a steady speed, so I was catching up to it, when it started to drift into the next lane. No blinker, which didn’t bother me half as much as it straddling two lanes for at least a minute, while it slowed down until I was less than a car length behind it.

After another minute or two, seconds before I was about to blow my horn (and a gasket), the car returned to the lane I was in and increased to full speed. Another car pulled up to my right, so I remained stuck behind the white SUV.

We’re driving along when the SUV started drifting again, straddling again, making me crazy again.

First thought: driver texting. Second thought: driver drunk. Third thought: driver putting on makeup.

What I never considered was that the driver was making his way through a stack of mail about eight inches high.

When he finally drifted into the other lane, I pulled up beside him, just as we reached a red light. I looked over and this man had his mail piled high on the left side of his dashboard, definitely obstructing his view. And he was opening a letter and reading it.

We were at a stoplight, so I remained calm-ish. But when the light turned green, he moved along at a 50 mph pace beside me while continuing to pull down  a piece of mail, open it, pull out a letter and read, before tossing it on the seat behind him and grabbing another letter.

This was a new experience for me but as troubling to me as the texters and drunks and makeup putter on-ers.

So I honked. He looked up to give me the finger.

Clearly, nothing I would do was going to have any impact on this guy’s behavior.

I sped away, anxious to get out of the danger zone.

But first, I lay on the horn for several seconds and smiled stupidly at him as he stopped reading his mail to give me the finger one more time.



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4 thoughts on “Riding Down the Highway (Day 107)

  1. I am sometimes mystified what some people do while driving an automobile. Once, many years ago, I saw a woman driving a station wagon and I could swear she was reading a paperback book while she did so.

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