To Life, To Life, L’chaim (Day 101)

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A cloud of blah-ness keeps trying to reach down and grab me.

It’s the weather. Forty-five degrees and rainy when I woke up this morning.

Out the window, though, I see flowering trees and lush green. I’m thankful for the rain, but . . .

Did I really turn the heat on today?

Did my friend actually post a picture of her fireplace alight this morning?

Did I overhear somebody joke that Spring is the new Winter?

It’s true that I laughed at the joke. You know what they say: you can laugh or you can cry. And I’ve done enough crying in my life thus far. I’m saving the tears for something worthy of tears.

I love this time of year despite the weather. Or maybe because of it.

Since most of the time, the sun is high in the sky, brightening up the darkest corners of my life. And the rain soaks the soil, nourishing the roots of the flowers and vegetables I’ve planted. And the heaviness of the air reminds me of my youthful summers in Baltimore, where 98% humidity was the norm.

That cloud of blah-ness almost grabbed hold of me today, almost discouraged me from finding something to do that would raise my spirits. It almost grabbed me, but . . .

The joy snuck in, under the radar.

I closed my eyes and saw hundreds of colorful balloons and streamers, a bouncy house and pony rides.

I also saw all of my virtual friends beside me as I celebrate the completion of 100 consecutive days of writing this blog.

Will you raise your glasses with me (and Sheldon–see below) in a toast to FIFTY?

That gesture would make my already joyful day even better.




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