Get Up and Dance (Day 96)

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I sit in front of a computer a lot. A-LOT.

Articles abound about the value of getting up and moving around at least once an hour, when you’re in a desk job. Some say stretch and get a glass of water. Some say do some jumping jacks. Some say a few yoga poses will do the trick.

While all good suggestions, I’m a fan of using my “up” time to dance.

In fact, I think all people should use their five minutes each hour to get up and dance. Especially if they work in an office with other people.

At first, you might feel foolish, but the joy of dancing is contagious.

What could be better than spreading a little joy around?

P.S. I kid you not, as I was writing this, my husband was bringing me a drink and did a little dance as he brought it over to me. He can’t get angry at me for revealing this because he knows how much joy it brought into my life. For those who know him, doesn’t it bring a smile to your face to imagine him dancing his way across the room just because?



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