Who Is Craig and Why Does His List Confuse Me (Day 95)

(photo credit: craigslist.org by Will at flickr.com. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode.)

I posted three items on Craigslist two weeks ago and reposted them again this week.

A barely used Nordic Track. A 32″ HDTV. And a heavy duty fiberglass garden pond.

Not a single bite.

Have I done something wrong? These items are all in great condition and my ads are not much different than the other ones I’ve seen.

The TV is priced really low, not because it isn’t great but because we replaced it and want to hand it off to the next person.

Any ideas why I’m not getting any interest? Or where else I might try to sell these things (and a variety of other things)?

I’m so discouraged. 🙁


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4 thoughts on “Who Is Craig and Why Does His List Confuse Me (Day 95)

  1. Nobody wants to buy a Nordic Track – then they’d have to use it. Or at least THINK about using it.
    I like the pond – sounds intriguing, but then I’d have to dig a hole.
    Not sure why the TV isn’t moving…

    1. You may be right about what I’m trying to sell. The TV is not a flat screen so I assume that’s the problem with that.

  2. Maybe Big Brother would take these items off your hands on their next neighborhood spin. Sounds like the nordic trak and tv would be appreciated — not sure about the plastic pond 🙂

    1. The pond is probably the most valuable of the lot, but it does require some work once you buy it. I have no idea what to do with it if I can’t sell it. The idea of throwing it away. It’s worth about $650.

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