Password Hell Is A Place (Day 89)

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I know Password Hell is a place because I am there. Regularly.

I don’t trust the services that create and/or store passwords for you.

I try not to use the same username/password combinations for different accounts because that makes it easy for hackers.

I write down my passwords, but since I’m paranoid about somebody unsavory finding them, I hide them. And then I can’t find them.

Often I’m left to guess my password, and when the site I’m trying to enter finally shuts me down and tells me to answer some question about my mother’s mother’s first boyfriend, I seem to always screw that up. Not sure how that happens, but it happens frequently.

I’m ready for the fingerprint access. Or eyeball sensor.

Or anything that would save me from the stress of dealing with trying to recall approximately one zillion different username/password combinations.

Any advice or suggestions?



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4 thoughts on “Password Hell Is A Place (Day 89)

  1. Consider what you’re writing down. If it doesn’t matter if someone else sees it, use the same password and user name. So….if it’s top secret, you can make a Top Secret mailbox and keep them there. Is there REALLY anyone who would go to all the trouble to figure that out. Sara, honey, we’re just not that important enough.

    1. Of course, you’re right. Who’s really watching. Except I’m not ready to believe that if I’m careless, somebody won’t be able to use their knowledge of my passwords to access either my bank or credit card accounts. I guess that makes me a little paranoid.

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