Sunday Short: On Emotions and Dandelions (Day 70)

(photo credit: Dandelion by Anja Jonsson on

How much healthier we would be if we treated each of our emotions, as they arise, like a dandelion, whose yellow flower cries out for our attention. Pollinate it with your contemplation, watch its allure diminish under your scrutiny, and with a gentle goodbye, send it off onto the breeze.

Photo credit: Dandelion wish by John Liu on




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6 thoughts on “Sunday Short: On Emotions and Dandelions (Day 70)

  1. Some emotions I want to hold on to, though at best they dry like old roses. And some emotions are just like weeds and will not go away.

    1. Emotions are temporary, although I also try to hold on or to push away as I see fit. But I never claimed to be emotionally stable. πŸ™‚

  2. You are channelling Dinah Maria Craik! I love her poem, that one about “and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.”
    And I love your little dandelion!

    1. When I read your comment, I thought that I didn’t know who Dinah Maria Craik was, but then I looked up the poem and knew it by heart. Maybe I did channel her in the writing. Unknowingly, of course.

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