10 Things That Will Make You Laugh (Day 68)

(photo credit: Funny – A Hoot by @Doug88888 on flickr.com. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode)

The other day I was talking about the humor file (read here), an idea which I liked in theory but had not yet put into practice. Then somebody commented on the blog post with a video that put a huge smile on my face, and I thought it was time to start my very own humor file.

Here are 10 items which make me laugh and will serve as the foundation of my humor file.

  1. The Bloggess (link here): Read the linked post. I’ll be shocked if you don’t find it funny. But if you don’t, don’t put it in YOUR humor file.
  2. Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me Podcast (link here): You may have caught an episode of this on National Public Radio. It’s a show about the week’s news and absolutely hysterical. Fifty minutes long but it goes by quickly. And I suppose you could listen to a single  5 or 10 minute segment at a time, if you want.
  3. List of 100 Funny Quotes (link here): I’ve only read the first few quotes so far and giggled.
  4. All In The Family Episodes (link here): Best. TV. Show. Ever.
  5. Ron White Standup (link here): He’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Crude but man is he funny.
  6. Baby Laughing (link here): I’ve seen this so many times and still can’t help but crack up the second the baby starts laughing
  7. Funny Amazon Comments/Reviews (link here): People are so creative.
  8. Inside Amy Shumer Video Clip (link here): This one is particularly funny to women in middle age. She’s pretty crude so if that is not your taste, don’t watch!
  9. Puns! (link here): I don’t know why I find these so funny but I do.
  10. This Cartoon:




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