The Worst Blog Post Ever (Day 57)

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When I opened my computer, I told my husband that I was about to write the worst blog post ever and he looked at me funny.

“How do you even know, if you haven’t written it yet?”

I know because I am ready to go to sleep and all I have to say is why I didn’t get to the blog today.

Most of the day was spent preparing our house, last minute cleaning, straightening, setting up the guest room, grocery shopping, etc. Around six, we left for the airport, where we waited for almost two hours for our house guest to get through customs.

My daughter stayed with a family in Colmar, France in March, and this evening, the teenaged girl from her host family arrived in Boston, with the other students in the exchange program. I wish I’d been ready with a video camera when the French students finally came into the airport waiting area. Our American students, eleven of them, rushed to their friends and en masse hugged each other. It was like they were long lost friends seeing each other again after many years apart (even though they’ve only known each other for 4-5 weeks.)

We live about a half hour from the airport. On our way home, we stopped for Thai food and got a chance to talk with our guest. We’ve heard a lot about her from our daughter, but it was nice to see her and to talk to her in person.

Then we came home, got our guest settled, and I finally sat down to my computer.

Maybe it isn’t the WORST blog post ever. Then again, maybe it is.


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3 thoughts on “The Worst Blog Post Ever (Day 57)

  1. It’s pretty far from the worst blog post ever 🙂 I rather liked hearing a bit about the exchange students. Since I’m currently in school, I’ve kinda been on the lookout for a neat Study Abroad experience.

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