This Is Where I Say . . . (Day 49)

(photo: for Flickr friend 2011. By Mengjie on flickr.

Dear Readers,

This note is long overdue.

You’ve given me a few minutes of your time every day (or almost every day) for 49 days. Many of you have encouraged me with your comments — on the blog, on social media, by email, in person — and an amazingly generous group has shared my content with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

My heart is full and I simply want to let you all know that I appreciate all that you do to keep me moving forward toward my goal of 365 days of “FIFTY.”

I hope that you’ll feel comfortable enough to continue sharing your thoughts about my blog with me and others, including any things you might like to see included in the blog.

This is where I say . . . THANK YOU. I don’t know where I’d be without you.





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7 thoughts on “This Is Where I Say . . . (Day 49)

  1. Thank YOU!! For sharing your funny, witty, poignant thoughts. Since we live too far away to spend time together in person, this is a nice way to feel connected <3

    1. That makes me happy to think of it as a conversation with old friends. And by “old” I mean “long-lasting.” 😉

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