A Really Stupid Idea (Day 36)

(photo: I wish I knew where this photo came from because I’m hanging tightly onto it today and I’d like to say thank you to somebody.)

I don’t want to post today.

My brain is too tired to come up with something to write.

My hands are too tired to type for much longer.

Eight hours driving today, four of them alone.

But I promised myself, unless I’m physically incapable of writing, I will post for 365 days in a row, from my 50th to 51st birthday.

Right this minute, that seems like a really stupid idea.

I have faith that with a good dinner and a good night’s sleep, my mind will change.

But for now, all I have to say about this FIFTY blog is, “What was I thinking?”



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12 thoughts on “A Really Stupid Idea (Day 36)

  1. Keep writing – even when you don’t think you have something to write about. Know that your friends like me take comfort in hearing from you in some way every day. It’s like I’m a part of your daily life even though I’m hundreds of miles away. And it always makes me smile when I see your daily email. Love you tons!

    1. I’m better today but that really helps to hear. Sometimes it feels like I’m shouting and waving my hands in the dark.

  2. Hang in there, Sara! I’m not sure what you were thinking, either — you’ve set yourself a daunting task — but admire what you’re doing and glad you’re on it.

  3. It’s natural that some days are going to be more difficult than others, and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it’s our determination to push through during the difficult parts that bring the greatest rewards during any endeavor. I admire you for starting this blog and I’ll drop by as often as I can 🙂

    1. It helps me move forward knowing that I there are a group of you out there interacting with me and my blog. Thank you Mike!

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