Tour Guide Jackpot (Day 32)

(photo credit: Jackpot. Photo taken by Max Sparber.

After a year and a half break, I’m back visiting colleges, this time with my younger daughter.

Because we live in the Boston area with its wealth of higher educational institutions, it’s natural to go to the nearby universities first, so with both kids, our first official college visit was to a local school with a great reputation.

My first visit, with D1, left both of us cold. The campus seemed drab, the students disinterested, the program not very exciting. We left and D1 crossed it off her list immediately.

If D2 hadn’t requested that we visit this university, I’m not sure I would have suggested we go there. Even though my two kids are different in their academic and social interests, I couldn’t imagine that the place D1 and I went to two years ago had enough to offer either of my children.

I’ve done a one-eighty.

Today’s visit was extraordinary. Both D2 and I felt inspired throughout.

I credit (and discredit) the people who ran our information sessions and tours. Two years ago, they were monotone and dry, which made it difficult to absorb what they had to say and to get a feel for the school and the community.

The energy and excitement that exuded from the students and staff who ran the information session and our tour today made it possible for us to get a real sense of what it would be like to attend their school. D2 did NOT cross it off her list.

There are other factors that influence how we decide what we want to put our money or energy into, but the most important, I believe, is how the information about the product/service/etc. is communicated. Gives me pause. I wonder how much of what I put out into the world is received in the way that it is intended?






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3 thoughts on “Tour Guide Jackpot (Day 32)

  1. When I think of Boston, I think of Harvard. But I suppose that place is HUGE.
    It must be hard to pick a place to study for the next 3 or 4 years. It’s great when you get a positive sense of the place from the “presenters” but you still rely on that gut feeling, that feeling you get just wandering around and trying to absorb the vibe. It will be interesting to see what D2 decides…

    1. Shockingly, there are more than 60 colleges/universities in the greater Boston area. I agree with you about the gut feeling thing. My older daughter would know pretty quickly once she stepped on a campus, and so far her university experience has been great. It WILL be interesting to see what D2 decides!

  2. I’m actually in the middle of my first semester at a university after finishing an Associate’s degree at a community college. We don’t have nearly as many institutions of higher learning as Boston apparently does, so I basically picked mine because it’s basically the only large university within reasonable commuting distance. Despite what is turning out to be a somewhat rough transition period, I do like it there and am pretty happy with my choice.

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