My iPhone Is Messing With Me (Day 30)

I’m texting with my husband, who is stuck at home, while my youngest is in France with her school and my older daughter and I gallivant around Florida. We reach the restaurant just as I’m sending a text answering his question re: where we are going to eat. The phone service is sketchy here so I’m not sure if the message goes through.

After dinner, I check. My message hasn’t gone through. I resend it.

When I hear the ding that indicates he’s responded, I look down at the phone and see that not only did my text go through but another one, which I may or may not have written shows up from me to him. He responds to it and I am utterly confused. I text back that I didn’t send the last message and then another message (supposedly from me) shows up on the screen, which evokes an irritated reaction from the husband.

Bizarre. Why are these texts I didn’t write showing up as if I did? My mother and daughter suggest I reboot the phone. Which I do.

When I return to my texts, my husband has sent a text that says, “I’m confused.” I respond by telling him that I was too but I rebooted. Then I call him.

On the phone, he asks what the hell I meant by the last text. I look and there’s a text from me that says, “I wish I could reboot you before I get home.”


I’m confused. I tell my daughter, who is much smarter than I am. She says, “maybe someone has your iPad.”


Clearly, somebody has been bored at home without his wife and children. After I confront him, the husband laughs and admits to messing with me. I left my iPad at home. He said it has been dinging all week, so finally he decided to use it to play a trick on me.

I think he’s come up with a good idea if only I can figure out how to make it work.

Does anybody know of a way to reboot a pain-in-the-ass husband before returning home to him?


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