Do Swelled Ankles Come With That? (Day 28)

(photo credit: Pregnant Belly. Photo taken by Christian Glatz.

My daughter and her friends have a term for it.

Food baby.

It’s when your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you let your eyes take charge. Eventually they look down at your stomach and wonder if somehow you managed to become five months pregnant in the last hour or two.

Every time I visit my mother in Florida, we go out to restaurants for dinner most nights. And for breakfast/brunch three or four times. And maybe once or twice, out to lunch. We do not eat fast food. The places we go serve meals in courses, and offer wine and dessert. Even if we choose relatively healthy options for our meals, we still end up eating twice as much as we need or want, simply because it’s there.

The first few meals are such a treat. Then, I start dreaming about simple one food meals: fruit for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, salad for dinner. No snacks. No desserts.

So tomorrow, I’m refusing to go out to eat. One food meals only. In my mother’s house. Prepared by me.

Once I’m home, I’ll fall back into my normal rhythm, which is more interesting than the one-food plan but does not cause me to feel the constant bloat and heaviness I remember from a time when the baby inside me was not made of food.




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