Don’t Waste The Juice Pulp (Day 20)

Once you extract the juice from fruits and vegetables, what happens to the leftover pulp?

In most cases, it ends up in the disposal or if you’re thinking smart, in the compost bucket. Or, if you can’t waste what is good, albeit gloopy, food, you might, like I did, ask people in the juicing community (yes, this exists), “What do you do with your juice pulp?”

Surprisingly, many people came forward with answers or links to blogs or Pinterest pages that deal directly with the juice pulp question (click on the words “blogs” and “Pinterest” above for a couple of links.)

Most ideas are to add it to foods: soups, vegetarian burgers, smoothies, muffins. Some people also use it for scrubs, masks and soap recipes. My favorite idea, which I’ve yet to try, is to make dog treats.

While these are all great ideas, I realized that juice pulp is quite malleable, which means that it would be a good medium for making one of my juice art pieces (I’m not sure art is the right word; if you can come up with a more accurate one, please share with me.)

I’ve included a few of my favorite juice pulp creations here for your enjoyment. 🙂

10665698_10204962466452265_585676607930871564_n 10599397_10204842382370238_4736907781994247156_n

Hope they make you smile!


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2 thoughts on “Don’t Waste The Juice Pulp (Day 20)

    1. It’s one thing to play with your food and another to test you actual artistic talents. One day I’ll give painting a try. I appreciate the vote of confidence.

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