Before & After: Kitchen Appliance Museum (Day 18)

I have a problem.

Too many kitchen appliances.

That I use regularly.

That clog our limited counter space.

So my house looks more untidy than I’d like.

But where to put all the stuff?

With easy access?

Since I use most of them every week.

It took about a half an hour, and all the displaced items from the before picture (left side) are not on the counter but in a new home, elsewhere in the house.

Feeling pretty superior right now.

Think I’ll soak it in, as the cupboard will never look quite so orderly again.

Of that, I am sure.


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2 thoughts on “Before & After: Kitchen Appliance Museum (Day 18)

  1. You really do have a lot of appliances! I hardly cook so I can’t justify more than a toaster and a kettle. I use the kettle daily, the toaster, not so much. If I could find room in the cupboard, I’d put it away.

    And I suppose that one day, I really should delete half the stuff in the cupboards. There are probably five-year old boxes of crackers in there, since I quit eating wheat. Oh well. Procrastinate on that for another year or two. At least until I get the next book written!

    1. Your priorities seem to be more attuned to your goals than mine, perhaps. Keep writing, my dear. I’ll do my little dance between writing and organizing and wasting time. 🙂

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