Motivation, Lack Thereof (Day 17)

Maybe it’s the fact that I slept for about ten minutes (in reality, maybe 3 hours) last night then got out of bed at 5:20 am for 6 am yoga.

Maybe it’s the fact that I skipped out of yoga early, missing the best part (Savasana or laying down for those non-yogis out there) so I could be showered and ready for dog #2 (Tuck’s cousin) to arrive at our house for a four-day visit.

Maybe it’s because two dogs underfoot means tripping all day, every day and I don’t like tripping all day, every day for four days.

Maybe it’s because the dogs need to get outside to maul each other (or as they call it, play) and I feel compelled to watch them because the backyard fence, which used to be unjumpable, is now only a foot higher than the ground with its several feet of packed snow.

Maybe it’s because every time I let those darn dogs in, my floors (and as a result my socks and my feet) get soaked because I only wear shoes when I have to wear them and the snow and wet, dragged in the dogs hair and webbed paws, is melting quickly in this balmy 43 degree weather and even more quickly in my 70 degree kitchen.

Maybe it’s because I know that the balminess, which is causing the people of the Northeast to jump up and down and wahoo is not balmy enough for me to go jacket-less or boot-less, unless I want to get wetter and colder, which I do not want.

Maybe it’s because as time moves so fast (how is it already March 10?), it’s not moving fast enough (spring break and beach vacation for me and D1 in the near future!)

Maybe it’s because I wrote all weekend and feel like I deserve a break.

Maybe it’s because I am at the hard part of the essay I’m writing, the part where I have to finish the draft and show it to people.

Maybe it’s because I have a stack of books in view and I’d rather be reading than producing.

Or maybe

Just maybe

It’s because I am straight out lazy today and have no qualms about giving in to it, even if it means tomorrow I’ll have twice as much to do.


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3 thoughts on “Motivation, Lack Thereof (Day 17)

  1. Hooray for lazy. It gets a bad rap. We all deserve R&R…without need for excuse. Remember those kid days when you’d just lie around in the grass staring at the clouds, or climb a tree and hang upside down for no reason at all? We forget to do that stuff as adults. Maybe that’s part of what 50+ is all about…re-finding time to play.

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