“Some Days I Don’t” by Lisa Bonchek Adams (Day 14)

(photo: Sunset, Marblehead, March 2015.)

I started reading Lisa Bonchek Adams’ blog a little over a year ago, when my mother was going through chemo. Somebody I know who is a breast cancer survivor (twice) recommended it. Lisa Bonchek Adams was a skilled writer who shared her experience, over several years, of living with and dying from cancer.

I write of her in the past, now, because she passed away on Friday night. Her website, blog and twitter posts, all enlightening and beautifully constructed, are still available to read, and if you have a little time, I’d encourage you to take a look (Links here: website, blog, twitter).

For  now, I’d like to share with you a poem she wrote this past November, when things were getting worse for her, again. So much truth in what she says:

Some Days I Don’t

Some days I don’t

Feel like a gift,

Do much,

Go anywhere,

Want to do this.

Some days I don’t

Know how to get out,

Or want to be the brave one,

Be the strong one.

Some days I don’t

Understand quite how I got here,

Care to see where it is going,

Even want to imagine what it will be like after.

Some days I don’t

Have any words,

Or the strength to take them from my head

And put them on a screen.

Some days I don’t

Believe that this is what my life is,

What it has come to,

Or even think I have woken up for the day.

Some days I don’t

Wish to believe the best days are over,

Know if the adventures have ended,

Want to believe that it can be true that they are.

But even on the days I don’t…

Somewhere inside I know I must

Press onward,

For whatever that means,

For right now.

So every day that is just what I do.

— Lisa Bonchek Adams


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