What Would You Ask? (Day 8)

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The list began with the name of the person who gave me the idea.

I’d shown one of my writing friends the first draft of the blog post to kick off “FIFTY,” and after a few questions and  comments, she asked what I thought about posting interviews with people who are either doing something interesting or important at age 50 or who have special knowledge about this demographic.

If I’m going to do that, I thought, I’m going to interview regular people like you and me.  I’ve read enough interviews with celebrities about what it means to be older, and while I have nothing against them, I find it hard to relate to their lives.

This blog is meant to be about us, to provide us with information and ideas and a forum for discussing what we are doing or can do to create meaning in our lives now and in the future.

This morning, I started writing down names of people I know who could be potential interviewees. With 50 years under my belt, I’ve met a lot of people with stories to tell that I think would be of interest to many of you.  And I’m sure every one of them knows several other people with stories from which we can learn and grow. As I’m sure each of you do.

When I read an interview with somebody who has chosen to do something that has value to her and/or to the world at large, I want certain questions answered beyond what it is she is doing.

I want to know about the road she followed that got her there. I want to know why she chose to do it. I want to know what it takes to make it happen. I want to know what the obstacles are on a daily basis and over the long term. I want to know what she gets out of what she is doing. I want to understand how a regular person decides where to focus her attention and how she gets from idea to action.

What else would you want to know? Will you share the questions you would ask in the comments (or privately with me – click here to email me)? It would help me tremendously to know what interests all of you so I can create a list of questions for the interviewees of the future.


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