10 Things I Love About the Snow and Cold (Day 5)

(photo credit: Sam Foster, after the first Boston blizzard of 2015)

I just looked out the window and guess what? It’s snowing. Again.

101.8 inches have fallen here so far this winter (as of 2/25/15.) Seven more inches and this winter will be the snowiest ever according to Boston records.

My friend Laurie pointed out that making history might not make up for the craziness of the last few weeks, but it would be a much better reward than suffering through this without making history.

So in the spirit of finding ways to enjoy at least seven more inches of snow this season, I’ve made a list of ten things I love about this winter’s snow and cold.

  1. After a big snowfall, our town becomes the definition of a magical winter wonderland.
  2. Every day, we build fires in the fireplace.
  3. There’s more time to snuggle under a blanket and read. Or watch Netflix.
  4. My husband looks like the Michelin man in the parka he wears to snow blow the driveway.
  5. It’s impossible to keep a straight face falling all over myself trying to make paths for my dog in the multiple feet of snow in our backyard.
  6. Cashmere sweaters all day, every day.
  7. Watching dozens of birds congregate at our feeder after we fill it with seeds.
  8. Tea and cocoa and coffee with cookies, 24/7.
  9. Lots of steaming hot, homemade soup.
  10. And, last but not least, the knowledge that finally, we are closer to Spring than we are to Fall.

Can you add to the list with things that make you happy despite the insanity of the weather this year (if you live in one of those unusually warm places, you can make stuff up)?

I’m determined to not let this weather bring me down.


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3 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About the Snow and Cold (Day 5)

  1. Fires and soup are up there. And I think making yourself go outside and embrace the weather is a really important thing, even if it’s just a walk in the neighborhood. Also given where we live, the beach in a snowstorm is amazing!

  2. Let’s see…beyond the quiet and fires and cocoa…

    I love how it slows the pace of our frenetic lives.
    I love how neighbors talk with each other during the shoveling out.
    I love how neighbors call each other for impromptu drinks or soup or stew.
    I love how neighbors suddenly feel that it’s okay to ask each other for help.
    I love that it inspires me to jump in and make snow angels and engage in general snow silliness.I love that our road has gotten so narrow that people aren’t speeding down it.
    I love that the dog has to poop in a particular area and it’s easy to spot and clean up.
    I love putting on hats and gloves that are warm from the radiator.
    And I am even fond of the huge damp mound of coats and gloves and hats and mittens and boots and shovels that has lived in our dining room for weeks now.

So what do you think?