Two Trees: A Love Story

It was enough for me to see the palm tree wearing a shorter flowering tree as a decorative skirt, but then I got closer and the hairs on my body stood at attention. Landscaper designed or not, one tree with its branches wrapped around a totally different kind of tree’s trunk made me ridiculously happy.

I’m reminded of this photo exhibit I saw in the 80s of the faces of children of “mixed” parentage. One parent is Asian, the other American. One is African, the other French. One is Moroccan, the other Spanish. I believe the exhibit was the senior project of an art major at the college I attended. If only I could recall the artist’s name because I want him/her to know that I still can see, in my mind’s eye, those faces. And each one is more beautiful than the next.

I don’t remember if the faces of the parents were also part of the exhibit, but I’m guessing they weren’t because I think those faces would have stuck in my mind too.

Early in our marriage, my (WASP) husband used to say to me (his Jewish wife) that our kids were going to be mutts. But not to worry, he’d add, mutts are always smarter than pure breeds. While the families were stressing about how two people from largely different backgrounds would raise our kids, we didn’t doubt that we’d figure it out. We both saw it as a plus that we’d be mixing up the gene pool.

The kids have turned out pretty well, as far as I can tell. They’re both smart and beautiful, inside and out. Not that I have a biased opinion or anything.

I wonder about my new friends, the hugging trees. Will they grow so close that they will graft together and become the progenitors of a new breed?

My tree knowledge is minimal, but how great would it be to see the product of those two trees that the landscaper decided to intertwine?

photo 4


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