Defining Your Feelings the Simple Way

I have this tiny spiral notebook that is attached to a hard cardboard base so it can stand upright. It is made by the company, Fred, and the front cover says, “THE DAILY MOOD, tell the world the state you’re in.” The subsequent pages show pictures of cartoon faces with varied expressions on them. Above each face, it says, “current mood:” and then an adjective that describes the look on the face. On the back of the page before each face, there is a definition of the adjective, along with some facts related to the word.

A couple of years ago, I bought this as a joke gift for a friend and never ended up giving it to her. A few months ago, it resurfaced and I put it on my desk. For weeks, it just stood there, then one day, I was feeling one of those feelings that is hard to define and I started flipping through the pages of faces. Was I feeling cranky? Deprived? Emo? Fuzzy? Neglected? Nonessential? None of the positive moods struck a chord with me so I quickly skipped over them.

Then I came upon it. Scattered. That was it. Definition #2 read Distracted or Disorganized. It also noted that Green Day has a song by that name (see above), which I subsequently listened to and realized I already knew. I kept the notebook on the Scattered picture and set it on my desk in a visible spot. I’m sure nobody else noticed it, but it gave me comfort, having a name for the way I was feeling.

Now, it’s gotten to be a bit of a thing with me. At some point, during most days, I flip through the book, land on a mood that fits my mood, and set that page up on my desk. When you are alone most of the day, sometimes it helps to have a conversation with yourself, to acknowledge something true about yourself so you feel grounded in your reality.

Today, my mood word is Wired. Too much caffeine but buzzing around getting at all of it, whatever it may be.

In my humble opinion, Fred is a genius. Then again, I’m easily impressed. Usually. Depends upon my mood.



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6 thoughts on “Defining Your Feelings the Simple Way

  1. I’m going to look for Fred’s “moods” too! Thanks for sharing this, Sarah. I too find comfort in figuring out “what” I’m feeling. That way I can acknowledge them without letting them take me over.

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