My New Counsel: the Music Ninja

Generally, I am a fairly intelligent human being. I can string words together to create sentences that make sense. I know my times tables and when forced by my kids’ homework woes, I often can find for x in an algebraic equation (now that calculus is on the table, they go to Dad, which is a good choice). I may be rusty, but I know how to follow the scientific method when put in a lab.

So why is it that I turn dumb when I am in search of a new book to read or a new song to play or a new movie to watch? I read reviews, albeit sporadically. I listen to what my friends say they like or don’t like. I even use trial and error, reading first chapters, watching movie trailers, or listening to side one of a random album with a pretty cover.

Sometimes, I luck out and end up happy with the choice I make, but usually, I’m so overwhelmed by the choices that I avoid making a decision and end up going back to my favorites, rereading, rewatching, relistening to things I already know.

I often enjoy revisiting old stories and songs, but I feel a real joy when I find something new that sets my mind on fire or opens me up to different ideas, thoughts and feelings or simply entertains me.

Yesterday, after reading a few music reviews in a magazine, I started listening to some new songs on Spotify and YouTube. At one point, I googled a song and came across a website, and suddenly, I felt as though finding new music didn’t have to be so hard.

This site isn’t that different from reading a music magazine or another online review site, but for some reason, it hit me just right and I explored and found some music that jazzed me. Maybe it is the way it is organized. Maybe it was that day’s selection of new music to consider. Maybe it was the brevity of the reviews. Doesn’t matter. It worked for me; I’ve got some new music to enjoy; and, I know where to go next time I’m looking to expand my collection.

The first song (YouTube video above) I listened to was by orchestral rockers Art Decade, a band I’d never heard mentioned before. Also hadn’t heard the term orchestral rock before but once I listened to the song (“No One’s Waiting”), I understood exactly what it meant. Not music I usually would have chosen from a review but there it was, I was curious, and voila, I really liked it.

After that, I started exploring the playlists and other features and found a few more songs that I will listen to again and again.

I’m wondering if anybody else uses this site to find new music or if there are other sites that you all particularly like or if you find new music (books, movies) through other avenues.  So . . . please share with the rest of us. Or at least with me.


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12 thoughts on “My New Counsel: the Music Ninja

  1. Really cool clip! Thanks for posting. Never heard of Most of the new music I listen to comes from Pandora. You can’t choose exact songs to listen to, but if you start a station with a band you know, they’ll add other songs – new and old – to your playlist based on what you tell them you like. My daughter swears by Spotify, but I’m too lazy to create my own playlists.
    Good to see you back, Sara!

    1. I have found music I like through Pandora but I always forget to look when I like a song and then its name is lost to me. Thanks for stopping by and I hope I am back with a little more consistency this time. 🙂

  2. Hi Sara, great piece and I’m enjoying the music! I will definitely go to the music ninja site and explore. Probably like you, I’ve spent the last several years listning to KISS 108 in the car and thought at times that I lost any sense of my own tastes yet alone kept up with the music scene. I was recently at a restaurant and asked the waitress what the music was that was playing because I loved it…she said they created a Thievery Corporation channel on Pandora and let it ride! I did the same and loved most of the music and have found new artists as a result…so it kind of snowballs for me on Pandora sometime. The first “Twilight” movie soundtrack was the same. So for me I just get hit like a lightening bolt by a piece of music I hear randomly and explore from there. Can’t wait to try the website. And thanks for reminding me how much I love, and miss, great music.

    1. KISS 108 will be the death of me! What’s a Thievery Corporation channel? Confused. But I might try it anyway. Let me know when you find new songs you like. We can share music.

    1. I don’t worry so much as feel excited when new stuff crosses my path. Music festivals can be so much fun. I don’t think I’ve been to one in years though.

  3. I don’t really use any particular site to discover new bands. I buy stuff from Amazon sometimes, and they always suggest similar artists, so sometimes I’ll see if they have anything on Grooveshark that I might listen to. I’ve always listened to stuff that was pretty underground, and it’s fun to dig around and find new music to enjoy.

    1. When you say dig around, where do you dig? Grooveshark? Don’t know much about that site although I’ve heard about it before. What kind of underground music? Sorry for all the questions. . . 🙂

      1. I don’t mind the questions…I like talking about music 🙂

        Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not entirely sure how I first heard of some of the groups I listen to. Sometimes when I search for and/or buy music on Amazon, they list “similar artists” at the bottom of the page. If any of the recommendations look interesting, I click on them and maybe listen to the samples Amazon usually has. If it sounds good and I want to hear more, I see if they have anything on Grooveshark and if I like it, I usually end up buying it. Spotify would work for that too, but my experience is that if you don’t pay for a membership, you get you sometimes get your listening experience interrupted by Doritos commercials and stuff, which breaks the mood 😉

        I’ve also found some new stuff to listen to through Wikipedia. Sometimes I like to read the pages for groups I like, which sometimes have links to similar groups. There’s usually a link to a page describing the type of music any particular group plays, and if you start looking through those, lots of times they mention artists I might not have heard before.

        As far as my own musical tastes…

        When I was a teenager, I pretty much listened to nothing but underground metal music that never much radio airplay. The internet wasn’t a thing then, so I used to buy what looked cool in record stores and hope I liked it, and I found some great stuff that way.

        Eventually I started getting into electronic music through albums Tangerine Dream recorded in the late 70s and early 80s. From there I got into some space rock stuff like Ozric Tentacles (my most favorite band ever) and Hidria Spacefolk. I also listen to a lot of folk metal (Skyclad, Eluveitie, Korpiklaani) and viking metal (Ensiferum, Tyr, Turisas). I even listen to mystical folksy stuff that doesn’t mix metal with it at all, like The Moon and the Nightspirit, Hagalaz’ Runedance, and Faun. And when I write, I often like to listen to movie soundtracks that create a mood similar to what I want to capture in my writing.

        Anyway, sorry for the big giant comment. Like I said, I like to talk about music 🙂

        1. Thanks for all the info. Exactly the type of info I was hoping this blog post would inspire. Next thing you know I’m going to be into space rock and mystical folksy stuff. 🙂 Great ideas re: looking into new music.

  4. I’ve tried Spotify and like it, but I have trouble connecting to new music for some reason. I always seem to revert back to my old loves. Clearly, I have to check out The Music Ninja ~ maybe it could help! Cool video 🙂

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