It’s a Dog’s Life. I Wish.

Lately, I feel envy every time I see my dog lazing around the house. He loves to play and go for walks and rides in the car, but the thing he does most is sleep. He can do it anywhere, anytime, and in the most bizarre positions (sometimes, he lies on his back with his paws up in the air and snores.) Noise doesn’t bother him. Cold floors don’t bother him. Responsibilities certainly don’t bother him. Other’s needs? No concern whatsoever.

Ahhh. The life of a dog.

Am I the only one thinking that maybe I need to get on a better sleep schedule? Midnight to six a.m. (on a good day) just isn’t cutting it for me.







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10 thoughts on “It’s a Dog’s Life. I Wish.

  1. OMiGosh, I’m right there with you, Sara! I promise my poor exhausted self that “Tonight” will be the start of a new and improved sleep schedule. Tonight I will go upstairs to my bed, tuck in against comfy pillows and finally make a dent in that pile of books I’m anxious to read before turning off the light at a decent hour in order to wake refreshed and renewed. However, it remains a continuously broken promise. Pitiful that I can’t seem to follow through with something so beneficial for self, but I honestly think my plan would work if there was a way to change the length of an average day from 24 to something more realistic like maybe 32 hours. That should do it. And the cool thing is that our dogs will never even notice, because they’ll just be sleeping anyway.

    1. 32 hour days. Hmmm. Might help, but I’d still probably find a way not to get more than 6 hours sleep a night. Need to work on that.

    1. What a riot! I love the biological father one because when my dog speaks (which oddly enough happens a lot) he often wonders about how come he doesn’t look much like his siblings. They aren’t nearly as hairy.

  2. It would be so nice if we were still just around the corner from each other. I adore reading your blog – and often feel like you’ve been reading my mind! Miss you, my dear friend!!

    1. I miss you too.

      I think that part of what drives me to write what I write is the shared experience. I feel as though women I love or would probably love to spend time with if I knew them are often thinking about the same stuff I’m thinking about. Not always, but there is this connection among us and I know I feel a sense of calm when I hear others going through experiences that are similar to mine. Of course, we have a long history of doing things together, which makes it all the more likely that we will have more in common.

      That was an awfully long way of saying, “When are you coming back East to see me?”

  3. I’ve often thought the same things about my cats. I can wash, dry and fold 4 loads of laundry, vacuum, and go grocery shopping and they both will have slept the entire time and then some. I can’t seem to get to bed before 12:30am and then get up around 7am, always tired, always in need of more sleep. I’m with Barbara – a 32 day would help.

    P.S. When you get a chance, email me your address for your chocolate goodies at thahndorf (at) yahoo (dot) com πŸ™‚

    1. Maybe there’s something to learn from our pets. Not sure what exactly, but I’d like to think there is some wisdom in not running around like a crazy person everyday to get the stuff done.

      I will email you immediately. Chocolate goodies are not to be trifled with. πŸ™‚

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