TIIMM-BBEERR!! or Locust Down

It was one of those things I loved as a child. When a tree, in a cartoon, came falling down, the character always shouted, “TIIIMM-BBEERR!” For some reason, this gave me a charge. It was funny in a scary way. And it was something I could recreate, albeit in a smaller way. I remember clearly how much I loved to pile blocks up as high as I could, so I could knock them down all at once and shout “TIMMM-BBEERR!”

Last week, I wrote about how the huge locust tree in our backyard was struck by lightening. Here are some pictures of the tree, a few days after the damage:

It looks all right but looks can be deceiving.
Base of the Locust where the lightning came through, shooting out a large chunk of root and bark.
Where the lightning first hit, shooting through the widening crack near at the V of the upper branches.


Every day the crack on the back side of the tree was widening, threatening to split, so this morning, the most efficient tree guys I’ve ever seen, took down our tree in two hours, using this truck:

The Truck with the crane that took the brave man with the harness over our house into the back of our backyard, where the Locust was located.
A tiny portion of the crane that went over our house to get a man to our tree.


So, they put a man in a harness and took him over the house and into the backyard, into the tree. He landed and began to work, immediately. Sorry for the blurry pictures. I’m not known for my photography skills.

Making the first cuts.


So he cut off the first, smaller branch and sent it on it’s way. I’ve never seen a tree branch fly before.

Raising the first branch to send it over the house.
Branch flying over the house.
Doesn’t it remind you of Mary Poppins?


More branches were cut.

The tree levitates.


Then, more flying trees.

A bigger branch coming over the houses.


I love this picture but imagine seeing this flying over your house. Yikes!


And into the chipper went the branches. Not the trunk, though. Because we want to get something out of this disaster: Firewood!

Going into the chipper.
Firewood for Winter 2012-2013


Those two hours made for some really exciting neighborhood theatre. These folks got the best seats.

Another tree into the chipper.

While I wouldn’t want to lose another tree (this is the second one in 1.5 years), it would be a lie to say that it wasn’t fun watching it go TIIMM-BBERR!




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11 thoughts on “TIIMM-BBEERR!! or Locust Down

  1. That was such a beautiful tree. But, looking at your surroundings, it looks like a decent climate where lots of trees can grow. I live between the foothills of the Rockies and the prairie. All trees need irrigation and don’t grow all that big.
    Very interesting pix!

    1. We do have the climate to grow such trees and truthfully, the locust was too big for the space. Now we can think about what to plant next. THat’s not all bad, is it?

  2. Sara, I’m almost in tears, that’s how much I love trees. And that was a beauty! Oh, I’m sosososo sorry you lost it! However, you all seem very upbeat and accepting about it. Kudos for that. What will you plant to replace it? P.S. Your photos and comments are great…and funny!

    1. The upbeat is an attempt to keep from crying. I loved this house when we bought it because of the three most beautiful trees in the yard; now, two are gone, one after weeks of heavy snow and ice 2 winters ago, now this. Not sure yet about what will go in the locust’s place. There is mourning to be done first.

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