Me? Really? No, You.


I feel loved today.

Two of my favorite Bloggers, Tami Clayton and Elaine Smothers, both have presented me with the Liebster Blog Award, meant for blogs that motivate, inspire, and have 200 followers or less.

You made my day, Tami and Elaine. Maybe even my week. As much fun as I am having blogging, there are moments when I feel discouraged, and this type of  validation, especially from bloggers whose writing inspires me is so meaningful.

In acceptance of this award, I am supposed to share the love by doing the following:

  1. Thank the person (people) who nominated me on my blog and link back to them.
  2. Nominate up to 5 others for the award.
  3. Let them know by commenting on my blog.
  4. Post the award on my blog.

I’ve taken care of #1 (thanks again Tami and Elaine). I won’t be able to do #4 until somebody more tech-savy (Laird?) than me can show me how to post the award on my home page. That leaves #2 and #3. How can I choose between all of those bloggers who keep me going day after day? I simply can’t. And so many of them have either won this award in the past or have blog followers that far exceed the 200 mark.

So, I am breaking the rules.

I hope I don’t lose my award as a result. Because it kind of makes me happy. Really happy.

Instead of nominating others, I’m going to tell you why I like to read the blogs of my two nominators.

1. Tami Clayton She’s funny, but it’s the kind of funny that jumps out and surprises you because her tone is so easy and conversational. The first time I exploded with laughter was reading her post about writers and chocolate distractions, based on the picture book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” Then there are her letters to and from Benedict Cumberbatch, another distraction of hers which threw me into fits of laughter. And then, she drops back into conversational tone to share with us her fascinating experiences volunteering and traveling abroad with her daughter. With each new post, Tami pulls me in more. If you want to be entertained AND informed, Tami is your girl (or woman).

2. Elaine Smothers Her blog’s adorable mascot is Forrest the Blog Frog (he’s there to admire on the top of every page), and I believe he has say in what Elaine chooses to write about because her words often center on animals or talk about animals in a metaphorical way. My best description of Elaine’s posts is that they are soulful. Full of soul. Her writing is so beautiful that I want to carry it around with me and show it to everyone I know. Probably I fell for this blog when she posted a video of a woman and a seal having a private moment that is not to be missed. Since then, I wait for each new post, with bated breath.

So there you have it. Two more blogs for you to read (if you don’t already). Because they are awesome. And I’m a good sharer. 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Me? Really? No, You.

  1. WOW Sara, I’ve been feeling a little discouraged in the blogging arena lately. I can’t tell you how much your words meant to me! Wow and thank you seem woefully insufficient.

  2. THIS made MY day. Thanks, Sara, for the incredibly nice shout out. Like you, I find it easy to get discouraged about my writing and my blog. Yours is one that I always look forward to reading. (Hey, I nominated you for a reason!) 🙂

    I love how all of us WANA-ites and bloggers look out for each other. More often than not, this community is what gets me back on the keyboard to write down more of my crazy thoughts. Means a lot to me that you enjoy them. 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. What a great compliment to Tami and Elaine. I agree that their blogs are fantastic! But you know what Sara? I know I’m not here every single time you post. I can’t be. I follow too many people and…well…you know. But that doesn’t mean that I love my visits here, every single time I come. 🙂

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