An Organic Reaction: WikiRandom Results

I’ve never judged a contest before.

I’ve judged lots of writing, just not officially. Or out loud.

It’s a lot easier to judge in private. Then you don’t have to tell others who is the winner. And everybody can think they won. And be happy. Joyously happy.

But, alas, I am the judge of this month’s WikiRandom Challenge. And I have chosen a winner (or two).

I loved reading the entries in the WikiRandom Challenge. My daughters, who both read my blog (one more religiously than the other – older child, I know you aren’t subscribed), read the entries and surprisingly chose the same winners as I did, give or take nine or so entries. ๐Ÿ™‚

Before I go ahead and announce the winner, I have to say a few things. First, all of the entrants deserve credit. Our lives are busy. Our minds are distracted. But, when we give a few minutes over to a task, we can not only complete the task, but in this case tell a story. Second, I learned about love and lust and death, poison ivyย and grubs, and yoga and hair dye. I love how three words inspire so many different responses. And third, I need to recognize the originator of our contest, Laird Sapir (check out her blog), not just for initiating the first round of this challenge but for her concise story in this contest that literally made my 15 year old daughter’s day. “Mom, you have to pick this one,” she said. Well, it was right up there on my list, but instead of the award, I give it an honorable mention.

Drumroll, please.

I couldn’t pick just one. Sorry. There were two entries that really stood out for me.

The winners of the 2nd WikiRandom Challenge are, from different sides of the globe, Cheryl Byrne and Ellen Gregory!! Yay Cheryl and Ellen! Read their entries here.

I was right there with Cheryl getting annoyed at the damn landscaper and I was haunted by Ellen’s tale of the death before its time.

Cheryl, who should have a blog (my husband agrees, by the way, but we both love Cheryl more than life itself so maybe we are biased) but doesn’t, will not be able to host next month’s WikiRandom contest, but Ellen, who does have a very enjoyable blog (read here) can. I hope, Ellen, that you will take this opportunity and run with it. Maybe I can work out an exchange between you and Cheryl so she can offer her judging skills to the next challenge. Let’s discuss :).

If you haven’t yet read the entries, please do here. Every one of them was a story worth telling. And our blogger friend Mike Schulenberg needs somebody to appreciate his paper cranes (read his comment).

Can’t wait for next month’s contest! Touch base with me, Ellen and Cheryl. And Congratulations.


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8 thoughts on “An Organic Reaction: WikiRandom Results

  1. Here is what I posted to my website this morning:

    I love to write, but I am undisciplined. At least that is the excuse I always use for not writing (for pleasure that is; obviously it is required for my profession!) I have been envious of my friend Sara for a long time, for her discipline in not just completing a novel, but starting on the next one! She also recently began blogging, and I am a devoted reader. When she offered a challenge based on one in which she had participated (and won), I decided to try it. It was only three sentences, after all, not much self-control required there!

    But I did not send in my entry right away. I was afraid–not sure of what, but what I felt was most certainly fear. Yesterday, the last day to enter, I took a deep breath and hit send. It felt momentous to me, and I was relieved and happy that I had taken the leap.

    Of ten terrific entries, I was one of two winners. You would have thought I won the Pulitzer by my reaction–tears, a phone call to my brother–and maybe someday I will. But today, I am grateful for the ten-fingers over the hurdle from my beautiful friend.

    1. A well-deserved win. Maybe the Pulitzer is not far behind. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Since when do you write a blog? I knew you had a website but thought it was all business development stuff. Hmmmmm.

  2. I don’t envy having to judge so many fabulous entries, Sara. But absolutely, your choices to wear the matching victory crowns are truly exceptional! Congratulations to your Word Worthy Winners, Cheryl & Ellen ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Oooh, thanks, Sara. How exciting. Going offline now (tis late . . . er, early here) but will touch base with you later.

    Congratulations, Cheryl – I thought your piece was great!

  4. Thank you, Barbara.

    Thanks Ellen, you too.

    Sara, I had set up a blog that I rarely posted to, so I let the domain lapse. Then when I was setting up my website, I added a blog with the intention of writing about work-related topics. I had actually posted a couple of times (seven!) But now the site has crashed and I have to start from scratch. So karmic that I had copied my post here–I can just copy and paste it back when I get the site up and running again!

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