Home in Song

After two weeks away from home, I am so glad to be back today. The vacation was sunny and relaxing and fun but in the words of the iconic Dorothy, “There’s no place like home.”

I’m not usually a huge country music fan, but I love Blake Shelton and in this music video, he speaks to and for me.


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10 thoughts on “Home in Song

  1. I love Blake. My daughter introduced me to him (his music) a couple of years ago. Country music fills the house now and it probably never would have if not for my daughter. Even as a music lover myself, I appreciate her “opening” me up to a music genre that I probably would have ignored for the most part. Nothing motivates or inspires me more than music. I have already started my day with an hour of music – and dance in my kitchen no less (to Zumba)!! And yes, there is no place like home.

    1. I also dance in my kitchen but not to Zumba. Actually, when the kids are home, we sometimes dance (sway) to a couple of your daughter’s songs. My daughter took me to my first Zumba class when we were in Florida; that was a sight to see. I like Blake’s music but even more, I love his manner. He’s both gentlemanly and loveable.

  2. Great song. And a perfect way to end your vacation! I am in the opposite boat here in the chily NW – would love to get out of town for a bit and go somewhere sunny. A little break from wearing winter gear and dodging raindrops would do me some good. Glad your vacation was good!

    1. I did, but as I said, it’s nice to be home. Until tomorrow when I have to deal with all the stuff I’ve been ignoring the past two weeks :). Thanks Mike!

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