Catnip, Peeta and Gale, Here I Come

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My daughters both loved THE HUNGER GAMES books, so when they first heard about the movie coming out, they couldn’t stop talking about it. With their friends. With each other. Even, on occasion, with me.

I thought I’d probably see the movie but not in the theaters. I’d let my kids be the guinea pigs and if they sold me on it, I’d watch it at home when it became available.

Truth is, up until the movie previews, I hadn’t even considered THE HUNGER GAMES books as reading material for me. I have so many unread books in my Kindle, and people are always recommending other books that I then put into the cue, so a book that my daughters oohed and ahhed about in middle school wasn’t about to make the cut.

Then, daughter #1 told me about how she’s never been to a midnight opening night showing of a movie and she’d really like to go to THE HUNGER GAMES movie opening. Since opening movies are usually on Thursday nights (THG is), I usually have the excuse that a midnight movie on a school night is unacceptable, but both of my daughters are on school vacation this week. A part of me wanted to let them go to the opening as a special vacation treat, but since they don’t drive yet, if they go to a midnight movie, either my husband or myself goes to a midnight movie as well. I don’t know about you, but midnight is late for me. Two a.m., when the movie is over, is beyond late for me.

But I was feeling generous when my daughter asked if we could at least find out if they had any tickets left. So we checked. The midnight movie near us was sold out, but the 12:10 a.m. movie had some seats left. The movie theater woman whom I spoke with actually sounded excited for us that they had tickets left. I got caught up in everybody’s enthusiasm,and before I realized what I’d done, I had bought five tickets: one for each of my daughters, one for one of their friends, one for my husband and one for me.

With a few days left before the opening (tonight!), I picked up a copy of the book and began to read. I could not put it down. I finished it in less than 24 hours, and after getting a few things done that I’d ignored while reading THE HUNGER GAMES, I started in on CATCHING FIRE, the second in THE HUNGER GAMES series. I haven’t been able to read continuously with book two, but when I’ve had to put it down, it has been difficult for me to do. I’m loving it as much as the first one, so far.

So now, instead of three girls excited about tonight’s movie and two parents questioning their sanity, four girls (yeah, I called myself a girl) can’t wait until midnight comes and one parent is feeling a little lukewarm. But even he can’t help but be a little excited about going with us simply because of all of our enthusiasm.

I’ve decided that I’m going to take a nap after dinner tonight. There is no way that I am going to fall asleep in the middle of this movie. If I am gung ho enough to go to a midnight show (the last one I went to was ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and that was 20 plus years ago), then I refuse to even yawn while watching. I know I didn’t yawn during ROCKY HORROR. Not that my memories of THAT night are clear.

I know there are others of you out there who can’t wait to see THE HUNGER GAMES movie. Anybody else catching the midnight opening show? How about the 12:10?


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15 thoughts on “Catnip, Peeta and Gale, Here I Come

  1. I hadn’t heard of The Hunger Games until recently and haven’t read it, but it sounds pretty cool and I’ll probably pick it up sooner or later. Let us all know how you enjoy the movie 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed this post, Sara! I’ve been wondering if I’d like this series. I’m really anxious to hear your opinion of the movie. Usually I like to read the books first, but I may reverse order with this one, as the movie was filmed in the NC mountains and Charlotte, not too far from where I live. Hope all of you have a GREAT time at opening night!

    1. Will let you know what I think. The book (at least the first one) is a quick read if you have any time. I usually like to read the book first too.

  3. I LOVED the Hunger Games and devoured the books a year or so ago. My oldest and I plan to see the movie tomorrow or this weekend because she is still in school this week. How exciting to be caught up in all the hoopla around a midnight showing. I’ve done a few in the past with my daughter and while i”m tired the next day, they can be a lot of fun. Enjoy! And may the odds be ever in your favor. 🙂

  4. Have fun! Madeline is reading it now and I think I am going to next! She wants to see the movie…let us know how it is!

  5. Ha! This post has my name all over it. I had heard some good things about the books –tidbits here and there. But it’s really been the movie trailers that have pulled me in, making me convinced that I need to see this movie. Waiting, waiting, patiently waiting for your review, Sara …

  6. You got me with this post. I kinda-sorta thought I’d see this movie/read the book. Now I have to, I can tell. With this post, the trailers, the book on every sales shelf I run across-I’m hooked.

    1. The movie was great but I think it helps to read the book first in this case. The book is so jam packed with stories that strengthen the relationships and make some of the actions make a lot of sense and the movie doesn’t always build the relationships as well. Still, definitely worth reading and watching the movie. 🙂

  7. The book caught me by surprise too. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. I saw the movie on Saturday and loved loved loved it. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.

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