Mash-up: Stuff I Didn’t Know

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Have you ever prepared fleece for spinning? I’m not sure I could keep up with Margaret Miller but I sure would like to hear more about all the homespun things she knows how to do.

What do you know about working with women in prison? I think Monica Frazier can teach all of us a thing or two.

And do you know about Australia’s obsession with a certain cake derived from the French mille-feulle? After Ellen Gregory’s description, I’m not sure I’ll sleep well again until I get a slice of this.

Thanks to Miller, Frazier and Gregory, this week I learned a few things that I didn’t even know that I didn’t know. Until I read about them. And now I’m glad I know. So there.

Enjoy the links and have a great weekend!


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8 thoughts on “Mash-up: Stuff I Didn’t Know

    1. I thought you were getting the recipe and making several batches, and then, of course, sending them overnight to ME!

  1. Hi Sara – thank you for the mention – I’ve been slack (read doing other things) the last few days I’m sorry.
    Isn’t it wonderful how much you can learn just by taking an interest. I’m not under any delusions that everyone will want to do the things I do, but hey, as writers they might just spark something for a story . . .

    1. I love what you are writing about because it is so unlike what I am familiar with. I hope you give more and more details about the daily work you do because it inspires me. Happy day!

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