Stripped Down Downward Dog


Just out of college, most of us feel naked. We’re like newborns, suddenly thrown into this world so unlike what we’ve known before.  And then we get a job and that feeling begins to dissipate.

My first job was in Public Relations. The guy who hired me was looking for someone with strong writing skills so he could spend more of his time pitching stories by phone. It was an easy job for me to do and I did it pretty well, but I quickly got bored.

One day I was skimming the help wanted section of our local paper and saw an ad for a PR position that was a step up from what I was currently doing. I spent a moment considering whether it was worth it to move on after only a year in my job, and decided “why not?” It couldn’t hurt to apply and see how I felt about it after interviewing.

Then I read further. The company in need of somebody like me was a nudist colony. No joke. I promptly cut out the ad and sent to my parents with the note “I’m thinking of applying. What do you think?” It hung on a bulletin board by the washing machine at my parent’s house for years, but since I don’t have it to scan in and show, you’ll have to trust me.

Quickly, I decided the job wasn’t a good fit. I figured that if I worked for a nudist colony, I probably would have to walk around nude when on the property, and even if my employers would have let me wear clothes, I would have to find a way to be comfortable spending time with a whole lot of people, young and old, who 24/7 let it all hang out.

Now, I’m not a prude and I don’t think the naked body is embarrassing or disgusting or an off-limits topic to discuss (hence, this post). But, when I read this article, “My naked yoga class,” on the Salon website, I shuddered because I immediately thought about how uncomfortable I would be doing poses in the nude. My discomfort, I believe, would be more physical than mental, although I’m not too keen on sharing all my bits and pieces with a class full of random people. Clothes keep my womanly parts from flailing around when I go about my day and definitely protect me from black eyes (okay that may be extreme) or other bruising when going through the swinging motions of a sun salutation.

The writer of this article says that she discovered the reason people take “clothing optional” yoga is to recreate the childlike feeling of being “gloriously naked and free.”

When I want to feel that kind of childlike freedom, I go to the local playground and find the swing set. I can pump my legs and fly and lose all sense of self and time and of course, of clothes.

How about you?


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16 thoughts on “Stripped Down Downward Dog

  1. Not a prude either, but I won’t be signing up for any naked yoga classes any time soon. As for that naked childhood feeling of freedom, my most free childhood moments involved playing outside, running around like a crazy person and imagining all sorts of scenarios …and I’m quite sure I was wearing clothes!

        1. Exactly :). You have to admit the cartoon photo is kind of funny, even if it is a little over the top. Hopefully, I didn’t offend anyone. I forgot that my inlaws are subscribed to this blog.

  2. I just don’t have a lot of childhood memories of running around naked. As for my yoga class, some days the room has a chill and I wish I had more clothes on. In the summer it can be a little too warm and I’d worry I’d stick to my yoga mat. I’m with you — I’d hit the playground or the zoo or the ice skating rink if I want to return to my youth.

    1. Didn’t even consider the sweat factor. This running around naked thing has me baffled too. We usually wore clothes when we played. At least that’s how I remember it.

  3. Ah, no. Definitely not my cup of free, childlike or otherwise. But your post did send a few pieces of tostitos chips flying across the room 😛

  4. Swings and roundabouts – yes, but naked yoga definitely – no. I shared the swings with my mother (oblivious to her being there of course, I was flying through some universe or other). Then I shared them with my son and maybe one day with a grandchild. If this is prudish then so be it. Thanks for the confronting cartoon, I’m glad I read on.

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