Why I Love Pinterest #1

Which one is your favorite?

A selection of pins from my Pinterest Boards:

Source: flickr.com via Sara on Pinterest

Source: likecool.com via Sara on Pinterest


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10 thoughts on “Why I Love Pinterest #1

  1. I’ve got to check out Pinterest, but I guess that will have to wait until class is over, the blog is up, and my plate’s not so full. My favorite? That mushy faced little sleeping Pom pup is a heart stealer.

    1. In time. In the mean time, I plan to post more from my Pinterest boards because I have found so much that inspires me or makes me smile. And that pup IS the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks for commenting Elaine.

    1. It’s like having a big room with bulletin boards on all the walls and access to photographs of everything and anything that interests you. You have boards which can be organized and titled as you so choose and you add pins (images, usually, that you can get from any website, photo program, tumblr blog, or other pinners) in an organized fashion. My boards, so far, have a lot of art, travel, cool ideas, things that make me smile. I love it.

  2. Is that a church or a castle? Amazing. I love Pinterest but afraid to get on it because I can’t stop exploring all the amazing pics, especially right now when I have so much else to do for class. Thanks, neat blog.

    1. I keep telling myself that I will take the time to look into the context of these pictures but haven’t done that yet. It is time-consuming to do all that exploring but it calms me somehow to see such beauty and surprise. Thanks Cora for you comments.

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