The Blog Queen

Who knew that if you decide to have a blog you get to be Queen? In my head, I’m always making pronouncements but never before have I considered sharing them with people I don’t really know. That’s not entirely true: I have thought about doing this for years but have been a bit lazy, with all the lolling around in my palace and eating bon-bons that people of my imagined stature get to do.

Well, my royal subjects, times have changed. I’ve decided to get out of bed and sit upon my velvet throne, where I will rule and claim to have a clue about why people say and do things that ruffle other people’s feathers.

This blog is the place where I will tell you stories, usually true, about interactions between or among people and share my fascination with how easy it is to be misunderstood. Or to pretend to be, in an attempt to protect yourself from other people’s judgments.

It’s your choice whether you take what I say to heart, laugh it off, or decide to deliberately ignore it.

I hope you enjoy what you read. I hope you’ll let me know publicly if you do and privately if you don’t.

P.S.  I’m Sara and I don’t really think I am royalty. In all honesty, I come from peasant blood and don’t think I’ll ever outgrow certain non-royal habits.

A little about me: I write both fiction and non-fiction. I write my own stories and I’m a writer-for-hire. I read a lot of books and magazines and newspapers and blogs. I listen to podcasts and music and National Public Radio. I DVR both trashy and highbrow television shows. I LOVE Pinterest. I walk around parks and malls and cocktail parties with my eyes and ears open despite looking like I have no idea what I’m doing. Which I don’t. But I want you to think I do. So scratch that.


I write about daily life, arts & culture, food, books, nature, animals, parenting, relationships, self-discovery, & more.

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40 thoughts on “The Blog Queen

    1. Thank you. I considered taking a picture of myself with a Burger King paper crown to use with the post, but I decided I needed to earn my crown first.

  1. What a nice read, first thing in the morning, along with my royal coffee! Best of luck in your new endeavor. Yours in peasantry, K.

    1. Love you KBR. Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope that royal coffee was good. Mine was a bit sludgy this morning. Think the staff is trying to poison me. I mean I did force them out of bed at 6 am.

  2. What a neat blog design & introductory first post! As Queen, I think you should at least get to sleep in until 8am. No, scratch that. Rising earlier gifts you a gorgeous sunrise with your royal coffee! I look forward to your future musings.

    1. If only I were Queen and could lounge in bed past 6 am. But alas, I have children who have to go to school, sleep through their alarms, and respond only to my shaking them, more than once or twice. Thanks for your comment, Elaine.

    1. I’ve already checked out your Kingdom and you certainly are Queen. I need to be a better commenter on other people’s blogs because I now know how good it feels to receive responses to what you put out in the world. Thanks, April.

    1. How’d you know the hokey-pokey is my favorite dance. And the one I am most skilled at doing. Thanks for your support, Sherry.

    1. I also don’t have a Serb; mine’s more of a Yankee-Doodle Dandy minus the dandy. Give Pinterest a chance. I really do love it. Thanks for reading and commenting, Lori.

  3. I guess that whole messy democracy thing isn’t working out so well afterall…Long live the Queen!!!

    As in person, you have a great relatable witty voice. Let’s do bon bons someday soon!

    1. You made me smile, Lori. Bon-bons for everyone! You let me know when you aren’t busy making that democracy thing work and we’ll get together. Okay?

    1. Cheryl, that’s the nicest thing you could have said. Thank you. Wait, are you saying I act like a Queen or even worse, a Princess? 🙂

  4. Well Sara, you’re already a pretty popular gal here I see! You did a awesome job on your post and I feel like I know you already! So glad I found your blog announcement on Twitter! I do hope you’re enjoying your Wana112 class. Way to go Sara! 🙂

    1. Thank you Karen and yes, I’m loving it AND all the support that comes with it. It makes it a whole lot easier to be vulnerable. 🙂

  5. Your Royal Highness, I bow to your most royal literate humour and am grateful for your most royal invitation to follow your ever-royal thoughts and insightful whims on your most royal blog.

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